The Mission of

The Internet brought new opportunities. But also reproduced and amplified inequality. Today, the largest Internet companies are located in the Developed World (mainly the USA and Europe). They do business worldwide but transfer the wealth to their home countries. This structure is a threat to local economies and menace to indigenous communities.’s mission is to help indigenous communities and local economies overcome the current unfair economic order. The main principle that guide this project is to advocate for marginalized communities through making tools and services that enable local communities build their local economies.

Our first step is creating a free directory for people from select communities–now limited to communities in north and west Africa–to list goods, services, and jobs. This first step should enable community members to find local resources AND to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses to network for their mutual benefit.

The first step members of local communities and providers of goods and services can do it to build some online presence–a simple website with simple eCommerce tools–that would allow them to transaction online and share resources.

There are several providers offer economic or free online space and tools to start a personal or business website. We will list a couple and we will update the list when necessary.

As the 2020 global pandemic taught us, we should take care of ourselves and each other: Our neighbors our helpers.

Resources for building online storefronts:

Free Personal Website (free and paid)

Website Hosting for Business (Paid)

>  eCommerce Platforms: WooCommerce  (free if you have WordPress site)

Constant Contact