Named after an ancient Carthaginian town and later Roman site, Sicca Veneria, is a community resource and digital magazine. An Open source for archiving, sharing, and publishing digital content covering the city of Le Kef, the country Tunisia, the region North African and the Mediterranean basin and beyond.

Writers and content publishers share in building, maintaining, and benefiting from this online resource.

The Internet brought new opportunities. But also reproduced and amplified inequality. Today, the largest Internet companies are from USA and Europe. They do business in Global South but transfer the wealth to the Global North. It is time to protect indigenous communities and build local economies. These simple truths guided us to create this resource: A Directory of businesses, providers of services and products, and other organizations. Communities are entitled to protect their resources and build their local economies, which will reduce the degradation of the environment and reduce conflict.

This is a community focused, sustainability driven project to support indigenous economies. Read more about’s Mission.

After you Sign In/Up, use the links in the top menu to submit a Job Listing or Directory entry. Community members are encouraged to update information and recommend new ones.


[we are still building this resource; thank you for your patience.]